Monday, April 27, 2009

Blackberry Enterprise Server (Exchange) Compatibility

Since I've been searching for the last hour on Blackberry's support site for documentation on whether Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 for Exchange will support a SQL 2008 database backend, I figured I would finally post the document that answers the question as well as other combinations of operating systems/server components.

For those of you that don't want to open the PDF, and all of you search engines out there wishing to index my answer so people can actually find the answer in the future:

Installing Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 on SQL Server 2008 (any edition) is listed as not recommended as the installer apparently won't allow it. Also, installing Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 on Windows Server 2008 is also listed as not recommended.

Reading into their classifications of supportability, 'Not Recommended' appears to equal 'Not Supported'.

Monday, April 6, 2009

HMC 4.5 Exchange 2007 Resource Manager - How it sorta works

I was browsing the inter-tubes today looking for some information on HMC 4.5 and ran across this link about the Exchange 2007 Resource manager and how it's tracking information in the ResourceManager backend databases as well as details on some of the procedures within the namespace. This is one of the best docs we've been able to find so far on this topic. Other similar docs can be found at

Friday, April 3, 2009

Unexpected Shutdown Comments

We've all seen the following prompt after servers have "unexpectedly shutdown"

This is the summary of the “unexpected shutdown” comments left on our lab servers and the script I used to get them (which I'm sure could use some cleaning up/optimization). If your engineers are anything like us, I'm sure you'll find some interesting comments in your logs as well.

$strCategory = "computer"

$objDomain = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry

$objSearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher
$objSearcher.SearchRoot = $objDomain
$objSearcher.Filter = ("(objectCategory=$strCategory)")

$colProplist = "name"
foreach ($i in $colPropList){$objSearcher.PropertiesToLoad.Add($i)}

$colResults = $objSearcher.FindAll()

foreach ($objResult in $colResults)
{$objComputer = $objResult.Properties

$SysEvent = new-object system.diagnostics.eventlog("system", $
$SysEvent.entries | ?{ $_.eventid -match "1076" } | %{$_.Message.Split("`r`n")[16]}

Comment: vmware
Comment: really? Dirty shut down woudNOT be my prefered way to patch .
Comment: dipshit, I clicked reboot... don't know how it gets any more "planned" than that.
Comment: esx4 shit itself again
Comment: ?
Comment: I called for this you liar!
Comment: vmware explode
Comment: ?
Comment: vmware blow up.
Comment: dunno
Comment: liar! I rebooted :)
Comment: shaddap
Comment: vmware blow up.
Comment: dunno
Comment: liar! I rebooted :)
Comment: kaboom vmware
Comment: #
Comment: ;alkjsfda;sldkfj
Comment: kah-BOOM
Comment: dunno
Comment: shaddap
Comment: vmware blow up.
Comment: dunno
Comment: liar! I rebooted :)
Comment: ruh roh
Comment: JS
Comment: df
Comment: Installed new dimms
Comment: some jackass downed the blade?