Saturday, December 6, 2008

Turn by Turn for iPhone 3G coming mid December?

Ok, so I've been meaning to start using the blog for awhile and this seems like a worthy first post at the moment. I've had the iPhone 3G since the day it came out (yah...I'm one of _those_ people) and over all I'm fairly satasfied. Of the list of things I want the device to do, turn by turn nagivation is at or near the top. According to and a few other sources off of Google, there is FINALLY an app that can do turn-by-turn coming out soon (mid December) via the app store, more details here The site looks legitimate and they've provided screenshots as well as a support section. This seems to go against the legal issues preventing third parties to develop turn-by-turn nagivation software for the iPhones, but maybe Steve finally made a deal! Now maybe they'll figure out copy/paste and Adobe Flash support.

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Eggman said...

Woot - 3G Unlock Right Around The Corner!