Friday, February 13, 2009

Cannot expand distribution groups in Communicator 2007 provisioned from HMC 4.5

We are working out the final kinks in our hosted Communications Server 2007 and have discovered yet another bug as confirmed by Microsoft. If you create a distribution group through MPS, the allusers@ group doesn't have the appropriate permissions on the distribution group object to allow the Communicator client to expand it correctly. The workaround (although not supported currently) is to grant the allusers@ group read permission on the distribution group you are trying to expand.

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Matt Freestone said...

I've checked on my environment and the allusers@company have read access and I still get the 'access is restricted' error for customers expanding a distribution list in Communicator. Is this the group you are referring to, or do you mean the allusers@reseller and allusers@hoster also need this permission?